Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wanda Sykes Is Awesome

There have been some comedians, like Margaret Cho, who haven't seemed to get a hang of what is appropriate and what is inappropriate to say about a woman who is running for vice-president. Tina Fey got it; and Wanda Sykes gets it. Sykes was funny and cutting and entirely correct in her assessment of Sarah Palin. And she did it without one sexist remark, without one remark about Palin's looks, and made it about what is really important and what we can lambast Palin for and still be within the boundaries of good political humor.

I love the whole part about the Republican National Convention being like a Dr. Evil meeting as well.


John said...

I still think that moose jokes are a waste of time. Is any swing voter going to think less of her because she knows how to deal with an animal that (while exotic in the continental USA) is native to her home state?

I, too, enjoyed the comparison of the RNC to Dr. Evil's board meetings. All McCain needs is a hairless cat and a scar across his face.

petpluto said...

I like the moose jokes now, for one reason. If Sarah Palin is able to handle moose, then why the hell can't McCain's veep nominee handle the press? If you're putting her out there as a no-holds barred, hard as nails candidate, then you can't treat her like a delicate flower who requires deference in order to speak to members of the media. And the moose jokes demonstrate, for me, the ridiculous nature of the Republican narrative for Palin.