Friday, September 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

If you have 30 minutes, watch this question and answer session with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. It is a little odd, since they are responding to each other -and presumably both Biden and Hillary are not only well-versed on these issues but also extremely literate in Obama's views regarding these issues- but it is a well thought out, well presented piece. I like the calm tone and the measured, respectful atmosphere.

And if you have 8 minutes after that, take a look at this video from Chris Hayes. I know that it is from February and that it details why we should have supported Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, but I think -since most of the points Hayes made were about Obama and not about Clinton- the point he makes still stands about how in 1980, the Republicans were able to push forth a shifting of national agenda through Ronald Reagan's rhetoric and overall vision; and how now, in 2008, we have the same sort of opportunity via Barack Obama to put forth a new national shift for progressivism. If nothing else, it is an interesting commentary, especially considering Hayes' belief that Obama's most crucial role would be in regards to foreign policy and fundamentally shifting our interactions with the rest of the world.

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