Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bitch Needs Help

I was first introduced to Bitch Magazine in college, and I'm going to attribute that introduction to my good friend Media Maven. I bought many of their magazines. I've read a lot of the articles they post on their website. I've listened to their podcast. They're also nicely linked on the side of this blog under Sites of Info and Interest. But lately, I've been slacking. So I was shocked to visit Feministing and learn that Bitch Magazine is in danger of going under unless they raise $40,000 by mid-October. Here are two of the women from Bitch explaining their plight:

My first thought: Punk Planet went under? How did I not hear about that?!

My second thought, though, was that this is going to be a busy donating season for me. I'm not a community organizer. I don't actually like a lot of people. I'm like Linus in that way. I love humanity; it's people I can't stand. I'll gladly give food or money, and I will give money to almost any organization that asks for it. Except for Planned Parenthood, but that is because they sold my name when I was 16. Anyway, I've already done my part for the ACLU this season. I'm contemplating giving money to the Dali Lama (he sent me prayer flags). And now I'm going to be donating to Bitch Magazine. I would encourage anyone who enjoys progressive, well-written, feminist thought in a magazine form, independent publishing, or who just has an extra 10 bucks floating around, to do the same.

Help feed the dog at the top of their screen!

Edit: It may help if I supplied the actual donation link. Oops!

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