Sunday, September 7, 2008

Community Organizing

Kevin at A Slant Truth is writing about being a community organizer tomorrow, and wants other bloggers who have been community organizers to do the same thing on the same day (found via Feministing). So for anyone out there who has done some community organizing and is appalled that Sarah Palin denigrated every one of you, please write a post about your experiences. Says Kevin:
"I'm not interested in stories meant to score political points (although I'm pissed at the political cynicism that would attack community organizing). I'm interested in stories about the grassroots, the community organizers out there that are doing their thing via blogs, social networking, real life organizing that doesn't have a (D) or (R) following it. That's what I'd love to hear about. Since community organizing has been brought into the limelight, I would love to hear how those involved are working for progress and transformation. Progress and transformation from the ground up."
If you're up to the challenge and got all fired up about being dismissed by Governor Palin, write down your experiences and then leave a link the comments section. Happy writing!

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