Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I Was Told I Would Be Addressing You Alone"

This is the first time I've laughed, serious out loud laughed, at an SNL sketch in years. Sometimes they get my chuckling. Sometimes I smirk. But I pretty much feel like SNL's best times were of Land Shark and the Coneheads and Gilda Radner and the Blues Brothers. But this cracked me up!
I absolutely love the whole thing!


Anonymous said...

I just saw this on Feministing! Hi-larious... Tina Fey is spot on.

petpluto said...

She really is!

John said...

I think Amy Poehler really didn't get her due in the press for this piece. She manages to convey so much of what many of us were feeling (since when is sexism an issue taken seriously in the campaign?) yet was overshadowed by how easily Tina was able to impersonate everyone's favorite Alaskan hockey mom. Who didn't love when she ripped a piece off the podium in a fit of pure rage?
It's really a shame Baby Mama wasn't a better movie, since Tina Fey is the best female comedy writer and Amy Poehler is the best female comedian in the business today.

petpluto said...

I loved her ripping off the podium! And I loved her hysterical little laugh and her, "Looking back on it, I must not have wanted it ENOUGH!" I almost wanted to see Baby Mama after this, but I won't. Because it looked horrible.