Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Katie, I'd Like To Use One Of My Lifelines"

I may have to start watching Saturday Night Live.

I love both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler here. Tina Fey was spot on; I love her explanation of how Alaskans keep an eye out for Russians. I nearly died when she talked about how, "in an effort to bone up on foreign policy, I went to the Times Square area to see a film called 'The Bush Doctrine'. It was not about politics."

As much as I agree with Tina Fey that I don't want her to be playing this woman after November 4, this political season (and Tina Fey's impression) seems to have given SNL more bite and more genuinely funny moments than they've had in years.


MediaMaven said...

I actually disagree with you here. As someone who's been watching SNL for years, with the exception of the first Palin skit, I've been sorely disappointed in the lack of genuinely funny moments the show's had. Last night's Palin sketch was pretty good (I liked the Osama Bin Laden line, the lifelines and the "Bush Doctrine" one, and the debate sketch was ok but too long), but overall I feel the show isn't living up to the goldmine of opportunities offered. I was also surprised that Tina Fey came back so soon; she does have another job!

petpluto said...

Well, I've hated SNL for years, so this is a strong uptick for me. This sketch and the one featuring "Bill Clinton" were laugh out loud moments for me.

John said...

When I watched the real interview with Katie Couric, I was shocked by how much older and less attractive Sarah Palin is compared to Tina Fey. It felt like I was watching an impersonation during the real interview, and the real Palin during SNL. It's the whole copy-of-a-copy problem, I think, since Palin supposedly adopted her current appearance after dressing as Tina Fey for Halloween several years ago and getting a very positive response. Like they said in Almost Famous, "If Bowie's doing Lou, and Lou's doing Bowie, Lou's still doing Lou...if you like Lou."