Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Again With The Doctor Horrible

Okay, for everyone who has bought the Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog soundtrack (or others who are just interested in things like lyrics while they're waiting to invest in an actual CD and an actual DVD from an actual store), Joss Whedon et al have put the liner notes on-line. Sweet! Now I can have an Ellen DeGeneres moment where I gasp, "That's what they're saying? OH!" And here's something from the team themselves:
Thanks to all of you, we're already one of the top sellers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and the list goes on!

It is great for listening in your car, at work, while working out, it makes a great gift, do I sound like a whore? I'm whoring now, aren't I? Anyway, spread the word, tell a friend, say it was Horrible...
Yeah, I still love them.

In other news, the Whedon team (which is in reality probably a bunch of interns -lucky, lucky interns...) are also preparing to have us, the fans, send in video applications to the Evil League of Evil! *Gasp* Awesomeness!!!!! Anyway, the ten best get placed on the DVD. I can't wait to see what people come up with, and I'll be sure to post when submissions are being taken. Until then, come up with some kooky quasi-villain and figure out how to work a webcam -or some other recording device that can be then hooked up to the computer. I'm a complete luddite, and therefore know little about such matters. Luckily, I have a Mac, so I can record myself via my computer itself. Now, all I need is an idea... a great, innovative, original wanna-be villain idea... This is gonna take a while.


jjfs85 said...

May I suggest asthma girl?

petpluto said...

I'm laughing even though you're mean!

I miss you giving me massive asthma attacks that could only be cured with coffee!