Saturday, September 6, 2008

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

So, I haven't written something I would consider a real, substantial blog post in about a week due to the sucky job I have found myself and that takes up a lot of my energy and even more of those things necessary to write a good blog post like my self-confidence, my passion, my attention to the outside world, and my obsessive need to research the hell out of something before actually writing about it. Jay Smooth describes the whole thing well, so I'm just going to post his little hater video for now, take some advil, and try to formulate actual and understandable thoughts about my feelings relating to the world. I do have some insight about why a lot of people vote against what would seemingly be their own self-interests though, and that is because after doing mind-numbing work all day, the mind truly is numb and doesn't actually want to do things like seek out the complex issues and really consider and compare reasons for voting for or against each candidate along with the work of really figuring out where one really and firmly stands on any of those issues any way. So it becomes so much easier to allow the talking heads and the cult of personality and identity politics to take over and make a decision that should be a more rational, deliberate, and substantial reaction to the whole voting thing. I'm also going to say that I've been bad in the last couple of days by first accidentally drinking a soda (wow did I get dizzy fast!), and then had some of that alcoholic beverage thing, which also hurts that "posting something of substance" agenda (hence the advil). Now that I'm done with my naval gazing, I'm going to let Jay Smooth do his thing -because I love him:


John said...

I like this Jay Smooth guy. He's got a pretty good point about the "little hater" that lives inside each person's head. Perhaps I'll tell him that the way I defeat him is by using a little hater-hater who says "man, your stuff isn't that good even when you DO put in your best effort and have plenty of time, but they seem to like it anyway. Just get your stuff out there, because quantity is job 1."

Also, were you gazing at the navy? Or did you mean navel-gazing?

petpluto said...

No, I was totally gazing at the navy, I swear!

Yeah... spelling's pretty bad.

In other news, I totally suggest checking out Jay Smooth's blog page nicely linked in the blogs I love section of the screen. Because I'm kind of/sort of in love with him, in that completely platonic/he doesn't know I exist way, of course. His videos are amazing and he is insanely talented.