Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When The Political Is Funny

In my time on the internet Some are ones I was introduced to in college, and some I found on my very own. Through those two groups, there have been a veritable smorgasbord of political offerings in the last couple of weeks from comics that usually are not politically based. Like Pie2K:
I realize that Sarah Palin's answer has already been mocked several times on SNL. But what I love about this one (aside from the hearts dotting the i's and the backwards e is the explanation for the check minus. Plus, the crumpled up look of the assignment in general.

I also loved Sinfest's assessment of our current national situation:

I have some problems with Sinfest; some days, I find it hilarious and other days I find it quite offensive. But its take on the current economic crisis:

is one I find both offensive and funny. Its offensiveness, in this case, adds exponentially to the humor.

The last one that has tickled my fancy recently has been from pictures for sad children:

I think it fits very well with McCain's camp's newest attacks on Obama being guilty of treason or cavorting with terrorists.


John said...

Let's see if I can insert my latest favorite directly into the comment: Sarah McCheese! It's even funnier if you read the tiny caption underneath, and the text that shows up when you hold your mouse on the image.

Of course, he's got quite a few other great ones too.

John said...

Oh, a bit of background information on those comic strips. Jeffrey (the author and main character) decided to run for president under the name of Kerry Edwards, so that he wouldn't need to print new bumper stickers.