Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Don't Want A Show Written For "Young Boys"

“I think that there is a perception that we’re making TV for young boys, and that’s part of where the network and I have come at things kind of differently,” Mr. Whedon said, alluding to recent discussions with executives over the creative direction of the series that led to a three-week break in production.
I'm hoping Fox backs off of the "young boy" angle and lets Joss do his thing on Dollhouse. Because I don't want to watch a show made for young boys. I want to watch a show made for... ...well, me, ideally. If not me specifically, then my people. Smart and making up more than just the young boy demographic. That would be loverly.

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John said...

So young boys are Fox's target prime-time television audience? Stuff like House, Fringe, Bones and Prison Break are aimed at young boys? It makes you wonder how much "viewer discretion" will be advised for shows they're producing for adults.