Sunday, October 19, 2008

"It Will Not Only Electrify Our Country, It Will Electrify The World"

Colin Powell on why he is supporting Barack Obama for president:

I like many of the points he presented; I like how candid he is with the Republican Party's further shift to the ideologies of the far right. I like how he expressed disappointment and disgust with how the Republican Party and the McCain campaign have run against Obama. If Colin Powell believes John McCain to be one of the most inclusive individuals he knows, I believe Colin Powell's assessment. I'm sure he would know. But I do like how he points out that no matter John McCain's actual ideas about race, he has allowed race to be injected into this campaign in a negative fashion. I also enjoyed his retort to the idea that this is only about one African-American supporting another African-American's bid for the presidency, in that if that had been the case his mind would have been made up months ago.

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ExViGalleries said...

I agree with you on your points. I think working under the Bush Admin, he can see clearly a change is needed in the White House. Though McCain says he wasn't surprised about Powell's endorsement, I know Powell really knows that Obama is the better choice.

TinaMarie Phillips