Friday, October 24, 2008

"It Seemed As Though I Did Most Of The Driving"

This video answers that eternal question: what would happen if John McCain hired Hollywood directors to produce his campaign ads. I know I've been wondering that for some time. I find the John Woo one to be a bit lacking, which is too bad because it is first, but the Kevin Smith and Wes Anderson ones are hilarious and spot on. I love the discussion of Obama as Lando Calrissian in the Smith parody:

This one, I just find hilarious:

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John said...

The difference between the Kevin Smith parody an an actual work by Kevin Smith is that the real Kev would get his SW facts straight. If the analogy holds, then Obama cut deals with the terrorists BEFORE meeting up with Biden's campaign bus!
And if we're going by likenesses, Obama being Lando is far more flattering than McCain being Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine (which is what I immediately imagined.)

Also: No John Woo parody is complete without slow-motion shots of doves flying through the battlezone right before a bunch of shooting and explosions happen. The Wes Anderson one was hilarious, though.