Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paddington Bear!

I friggin' loved Paddington Bear as a kid. I even tried marmalade because Paddington liked it so much (I, however, did not like it so much). And so, while going onto Google today, I was extremely excited/surprised to see this:

Paddington Bear is officially fifty years old today. I almost feel like digging out my old books and enjoying the bear from darkest Peru, dressed almost continually in his rain coat and hat and galoshes.


John said...

I didn't read many of the Paddington Bear books, but I do remember the stop-motion cartoon (at least I think I do. There was one of those, right?) Good for him, beating out Christopher Columbus for the Google design of the day.

petpluto said...

Yup, there was in fact a stop motion cartoon!