Thursday, October 2, 2008

Present Ideas For My Birthday

Well, not really. Actually, kinda. These are items I do want and I'm hoping to get at some point in time, possibly some on the day of my birth (note to all of you who personally know me: I'm expecting nothing from any of you; well, except two of you, the best friend and the dad. You guys should probably get me something). But more than that, these are things I think most people should own. At least a couple items on the list.

John Adams DVDs: The HBO miniseries was fantabulous (which is apparently a real word...). Paul Giamatti was amazing. I loved John Adams, and I loved how in depth and how wonderful the whole production was. There were some (blatant) historical errors for the buffs out there; but the whole thing really gets in the head of Adams, and Abigail, and to a lesser extent Thomas Jefferson. Speaking of, I fell in love with Jefferson because of this miniseries. Also, I think Stephen Dillane is amazing.

Sports Night, The 10th Anniversary Edition: This is, I kid you not, probably the best shows ever made. In the top five, definitely. It is pure Aaron Sorkin, completely unbittered and youthful and excited. Don't love sports? Don't have to! Because even though its name suggests a more than casual interest in sports may be a plus, it really has very little bearing on the actual show. It is just the framework for the real stories being told about the people who do happen to be passionate about sports and the coverage of sports. Sports Night is pure brilliance in terms of actors and characters, and dialogue and stories. And the wordplay is just amazing. Plus, unlike the cheapo box set we originally got, this one has interviews, commentary, gag reels, and the original promos! I need this like Dana needs lamps. Okay, watch the show, and you'll get the reference.

Iron Jawed Angels: Another HBO thing, this time a movie about the women's fight for suffrage in the early 20th century and Alice Paul specifically. It is beautiful. I watched it twice today and cried hysterically both times. And even though I know it is going to happen, I always get choked up at the end when the 19th Amendment passes by the one vote in Tennessee. Also, it makes me all the more interested in (re)learning facts about the suffragettes, like Ruza Wenclawska and Mabel Vernon. And it is fun, as well as harrowing and awe-inspiring and wonderful. And the women themselves were lively and opinionated and fun and funny, as well as being sources of immeasurable courage and strength. The story is not wholly accurate, and some of the characters are amalgams of people and attitudes of the time. But it works.

West Wing, Season 1: Loaned out my DVDs; never got them back! Tragedy! Travesty!

Pushing Daisies, Season 1: I friggin' love this show. It made me fall in love with Kristin Chenoweth, someone I'd previously not liked very much by virtue that a character inspired by her was very annoying. But I'm starting to think that is because only Chenoweth herself can truly be all the things attributed to her. The show is quirky and cute and at the same time morbid and dark. It is Tim Burton mixed with Dr. Seuss, and all the better for it. It is a technicolor delight. Plus, it has Chi McBride, someone I've loved since Gone in 60 Seconds. That man can deliver a line like nobody's business.

Chuck, Season 1: Okay, cute show with incredible (and incredibly geeky) dialogue and that also is skilled in the art of amusing details? That has Adam Baldwin? And great music? And a character known as Captain Awesome? Plus whacky hijinks? I'm totally there. Every week. Monday at 9.

That's it for right now, but seriously. Think about checking some of that stuff out, if you haven't already.


John said...

Hmm, you list only has DVDs on it. Are there no books (or dare I say, comics) that you're interested in?

Thanks for letting me know that Pushing Daisies is on DVD. No it's off to Netflix I go!

John said...


petpluto said...

My list is thus far incomplete! It is really just the stuff I've seen on commercials in the past 24 hours. Except for the West Wing DVDs. Those are constantly on my mind as the day the world ended.