Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Love, And Another Cause

First, the new love:

I have to admit, I don't normally like Aussie accents. I'm weird like that, I know. Most people I know swoon over them, but the only accents I really swoon over come from the British Isle. Oh, Sean Connery! And Christopher Eccleston! Anyway, I like Natalie here for several reasons. First up, anyone who makes with the grammar corrections attains almost god-like status in my book. Secondly, I love how she goes on a mini-explanation about the toothpick holders and restaurants. Mainly though, I enjoy her cool and costumed way of making such blatant racism ridiculous and mockable. Props to The Feminist Underground for finding me a new interweb love who will never know of my existence. I may beat Habladora to the newest of the new Sarah Haskins videos, but I think she wins in the long run by continually alerting me to people like Natalie. Also, check out her YouTube channel for her other videos.

Now for the new cause, found via Feministing:

What can I say? I'm a sap. And I like the idea of bettering the world through female empowerment and entrepreneurship. This reminds me of something I saw on PBS a couple of weeks ago that I had planned on blogging about, and it was a school for women. It taught them -grandmothers, mothers, and girls- how to hook up and maintain solar powered cells in order to provide electricity to their villages, giving them a skill set and also improving the way of life for those of their communities. It seemed really cool, and if I can track down the link, I'll add it. The Girl Effect seems to operate under the same premise, that improving the lives of women helps their communities and the world at large.


John said...

That Girl Effect video was extremely well-edited, and had a pretty good point as well. It may have been somewhat dreamily idealistic, but I doubt that it could do much harm to support such an initiative. Think of how many cows we'd have if we suddenly had 600 million new herd-managers!

With regard to Aussie accents and correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation, there's an extremely funny video game critic named Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw who tackles viewer mail in this episode. You don't even have to play video games to appreciate it.

Habladora said...

Oh, are we racing now? It's on!

In that case, I have to admit I'm behind again - I hadn't seen The Girl Effect video yet - very cool. I think you win 2 points for that one.