Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why I Love My Sister

i mean, when would you need a gps to make a story?
1. "i arrived to the party on time and we had fun."
2. "we arrived at the party late because we thought we had to take a right on the road a few blocks down. we ended up with a bunch of hippie's at a nudist party. subsequently, they began arguing about how many emissions our car gave off per mile. so we then rolled up the windows afraid of being impaled with whatever hippes have to hit you with. we switched the cd from the clash in the cd player to simon and garfunkel and they chilled, thinking we were just materialistic hippies. they gave us wheat grass drinks and all natural fruits. they honored us for being so young and a little worldly and said we would convert in time. we then turned around and waving goodbye to out new friends who excepted us for our clothed and transportation choices. pretty strange, huh?" and then a conversation of follow-up questions would follow about our crazy pre-party extravaganza.
that's why gps's lame.
I think my love for her is pretty self-explanatory after that, but I'll add that she's fifteen and that these are the things she writes to me throughout the day.

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