Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dollhouse TV Spot

They're lucky I'm already there, because this promo does little for me.

In other news, I've become increasingly concerned about Eliza Dushku's range.


John said...

Were they swiping from Meredith Brooks with that commercial? "She can be a bitch, a lover, a child, a mother, a sinner, a saint, but the one thing she can't be ... is ashamed." Or something like that.

I still say that she has her fair share of acting ability, but I'm basing that almost entirely on her performance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which may be a warning sign on its own.

fourth wave said...

Not the most thrilling trailer I've seen, but I'll withhold judgment until I see the actual show. It's a pretty interesting premise (although a little like My Own Worst Enemy meets La Femme Nikita meets The Pretender meets Alias).