Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Which Rosie?

Interesting factoid. This Rosie:The Rosie used as a feminist icon? The Rosie that has been embraced as the Rosie of World War II America? Isn't the real Rosie. Oh, she's a riveter, and she can do it. But she "was conceived of in 1942 by an artist named J. Howard Miller. Miller was contracted by an advertising agency to create the image for Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company" and was meant for private use within Westinghouse factories. Says Jane McGrath from "Stuff You Missed In History Class", " What I read was that this Rosie, this polka dotted Rosie, could be used to discourage labor movements inside these Westinghouse factories." Which puts a different spin on Rosie the Riveter all together - at least this Rosie. So who was the well known Rosie? Well, Norman Rockwell's Rosie:
The one directly above was apparently immensely popular in the 1940s and only really fell out of favor due to the fact that it was copyrighted while the Westinghouse Rosie is not. I think she could probably take polka dot Rosie in a brawl if it came right down to it.

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John said...

Rockwell's Rosie seems to have a much smaller head. But you're right, she probably could take Westinghouse Rosie in a brawl.