Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some More News Stories of Interest

In an effort to keep down the amount of posts per day I tend to amass, I'm going to bulk post some stuff that interests me.

First on the list is Morgan Freeman's accident, mainly because I discovered this first and it nearly gave me a heart attack yesterday. Oh, Morgan Freeman! You have to be alright because you and Michael Caine make Christian Bale palatable! And you're one of the last older actors I absolutely adore who's still working! Sean Connery, Paul Newman, and Sidney Poitier have all retired, so you have to carry on the torch.

Secondly, Gloria Steinem gave an interview to the Financial Times (to actually read the whole article, change the "false" in the URL to "true"; it should then work). She's one of my favorite feminists, so it was very exciting. She's just so darn cool!

Third on the list is this: The Feminist Underground is asking for essay submissions. In their own words:
Since The Feminist Underground writers believe that fighting racism, classism, homophobia, ableism, and transphobia are part of modern feminism, we're looking for posts about how you deal with all sorts of dangerous -isms when interacting with the young people in your life. Write what you want, but some ideas include movie and book reviews, personal essays about what your parents did right, and essays about what you've done to help kids cope with toxic ideas and images about gender, sexual orientation, and race they're bound to encounter.
I have two thoughts: one is how I can see myself raising my own (hypothetical and at this point completely undesired) children, and one is how I was raised. The two intersect, because how I was raised directly (and positively) influences how I want to do it myself. Overall, it seems like a cool idea and a good opportunity for exposure and whatnot. The only thing is you've got to be quick because the deadline is this Thursday. Sorry about that. Anyway, if you're a quick typer or saw this and thought "Hey, I know!", you can send submissions to pobrehabladora@gmail.com or leave a link to your post on your own blog in their comments section. Happy writing!

Oh, and on a personal note, due to an unhappy confluence of events, lightbulbs in my house are dying in quick succession and we didn't have the foresight to buy replacement bulbs before. Or even now. I predict that a few days from now the situation will worsen, leading to chaos and an implicit refusal by all parties who have the means to drive and get lightbulbs to do it.

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