Friday, August 15, 2008

PETA Sinks To All New Lows

I'm sure most people know about how bad PETA is in terms of public relations and how they have continually dehumanized women, their reason being, "We're justified in using women's bodies to make our point because that's the only way we can think to get people to listen to us". And while there are many counterpoints to be made to such a statement, like the fact that they're dehumanizing women and women are continually a portion of society looked upon as objects anyway, those points have been made countless times by many people.

But it turns out that PETA wasn't done. No, those ads comparing the Holocaust to factory farming wasn't the end of the extreme, nauseatingly bad campaigns PETA could come up with. I was appalled when Feministing reported that PETA sees the border fence between America and Mexico, the one that is destroying natural wildlife habitats and communities like Naco, Arizona, as a golden opportunity to spread the message via billboards on the wall reading "If the Border Patrol Doesn't Get You, the Chicken and Burgers Will --Go Vegan" in Spanish and English. Because that's not callous in the least, right?

But then, I found something worse: PETA is using the recent Cannibal-On-The-Bus tragedy (the one that made Greyhound reverse their "There's a Reason You've Never Heard of Bus-Rage", something I found morbidly humorous) to highlight the similarities between what happened to Tim McLean and what happens in slaughterhouses:
Yeah, I thought the border fence was a low blow; but this is beyond the pale. I really have nothing to offer, except how sickening I find this whole ad campaign and how disturbed the whole of PETA's advert board has to be to think ads like this do anything to further their cause.

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