Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama & Women

I plan to discuss this more fully in the coming weeks, but Anna Quindlen covers why Obama needs to reach out to women too well for me not to highlight it, especially in her final lines of the piece when she says, "For many American women, Hillary was their surrogate".

And I think that is profoundly true. Even women who supported Obama from the start had to be appalled at the treatment Hillary Clinton suffered from the media; and women who were voting for Hillary are probably filled with bitter disappointment that once again that the focus was often not purely on her politics but the fact that she was a woman. Hillary was more than our political surrogate, a sort of "look how far we've come that a woman could have a viable chance at being president of the United States", but a personal surrogate; because even as she highlighted the distance we've traveled in gender discrimination, her journey also detailed how far we've left to go. And I know I'm pissed about the distance left to travel, and would like someone to acknowledge (other than The Daily Show and feminist websites) how much that just sucks. Even better if the person doing the acknowledging is the Democratic frontrunner.

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