Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Legally Blonde as Reality Show?

They're making a Legally Blonde reality show, centered around finding the next Elle Woods for the stage. Seriously? I love the movie; it is one of our "most reached for" films in my house, up there with Moonstruck, Gross Pointe Blank, Raising Arizona, and You, Me, & Dupree. But the key to the film is Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, which makes the stage version much less of a "Must See" for me and making a reality show about it even less so. Luckily for me, I've got a friend who's written a snarktastic review of it. Read her thoughts, even if you would sooner fly to the moon without any protective gear (very dangerous according to the Discovery Channel's documentary on NASA's quest for space travel) than actually deign to watch reality television in general and this show in particular. I know I did.


jjfs85 said...

I've seen the movie as well as the musical on TV. They're both good in different ways, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I will not be watching the reality show. The only reality shows I've ever enjoyed are "The Mole" and the one that I accidentally started watching due to roommates, "America's Most Smartest Model". I know, I know... You're thinking that it's sad that I enjoyed Most Smartest Model and I couldn't agree more. But Ben Stein made the games entertaining and the general stupidity of the contestants offered up a whole lot of humor and memorable quotes.

The Mole was a higher quality show all around offering puzzles and clues allowing the audience to try and determine which contestant was the mole working for the producers. The mole's job was to make the real contestants fail their challenges resulting in a smaller jackpot to the winner at the end. It wasn't until the last episode of the season that the mole was revealed and the clues were summarized. And the host was no deadbeat - it was Anderson Cooper who now has his own show on CNN.

jjfs85 said...

What I never ended up saying in the last comment is that other than the two mentioned, I've never liked reality shows. ...So I don't watch them.

petpluto said...

Actually, JJ, I have to tell you that I've gotten sucked into some pretty stupendously bad reality television shows. Like America's Next Top Model (though that was really because the first season had a kickass atheist and there was a marathon one day on VH1. That's how they suck you in, these marathons. That's also how I got into Project Runway (the clothing is so pretty!) and Top Chef.

petpluto said...

Also, you saw BOTH movies and the musical?!

Wow. My respect for you has either grown by leaps and bounds and can now easily dwarf the tallest building in the world -or it has diminished slightly. I'm leaning toward leaps and bounds myself.