Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun History Facts Via National Geographic

My family has been getting National Geographic for years; it piles up around our house in various locations, never to be thrown out or recycled -or even in many cases organized. Most people know about their fabulous photography:
but their writing is top notch too. My favorite at the moment is from May 2007's issue, one I just now found a year and a month after it arrived at my house:
"In the spring of 1929, a man named Patrick Murphy left a bar in Bisbee, Arizona, to bomb the Mexican border town of Naco, a bunny hop of about ten miles. He stuffed dynamite, scrap iron, nails, and bolts into suitcases and dropped the weapons off the side of his crop duster as part of a deal with Mexican rebels battling for control of Naco, Sonora. When his flight ended, it turned out he'd hit the wrong Naco, managing to destroy property mainly on the U.S. side, including a garage and a local mining company. Some say he was drunk, some say he was sober, but everyone agrees that he was one of the first people to bomb the United States from the air."

Awesome is the only word that properly describes this. The article is about the wall standing -and being expanded- at the US-Mexico border, aptly titled "Our Wall".

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