Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

But, you know, one day, we will have American meat in Europe; and one day, we will have more cheeses from France in United States, and we will make love together and that will be fantastic. By the way, you look very good.
- Lionel Gerard, Professional Cheese Guy, optimistically opining about the future and hitting on David Kestembaum

Via the Planet Money Iron Chef/Economist competition from yesterday's Fancy Food Economics podcast. 

If you haven't listened yet, I totally would. Between Adam Davidson's faux bugles incident, Chana Joffe-Walt's recantation of the evolution of the vanilla bean plant in Madagascar, and David Kestembaum's trek to find the most expensive food item, it's well worth it.

Plus, then you can vote for who did the best! Polls close tomorrow at 1 PM.

I voted for Adam Davidson. I totally believe him that his convo in Arabic referenced a Griffin. 

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