Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Random Ten

I am going to join in an internet tradition, or at least an internet tradition in some of the parts I lurk around. And that is to set my iPod to shuffle and post the first 10 songs that come up, no matter how embarrassing! YAY!

1. Bouncing Off The Walls - Sugarcult

2. Ride - The Vines

3. Deep Inside of You - Third Eye Blind

4. Echo/ Always On/ Easy Con - Blizen Trapper

5. Let Go - Frou Fou

6. Wart Hog - The Ramones

7. William's Doll - Alan Alda & Marlo Thomas

8. The World We Live In - The Killers

9. Say What! - Stevie Ray Vaughan

10. Hound Dog - Sha-Na-Na

I remember really annoying John with Bouncing Off The Walls, because I didn't know any of the lyrics beyond
I'm bouncing off the walls again/Whoa-oh
I'm looking like a fool again/Whoa-oh
Seriously, that's all I knew. At least one other friend in our group of friends would consistently sing those two lines with me, and even though John tried to teach us the rest of the words (or at least a couple more), we remained resistant to any other line of the song. He gave up after a couple of tries. I think I bought that song just because I had fond memories of singing those two lines.

But now, down to business (if anyone has made it this far)!

I'm still working on my master list regarding the male-to-female musician/band breakdown on my iPod, but I figured I'd start doing mini-breakdowns right here, in the Friday Random Ten. How exciting for everyone!

The rules are this:

1) There are three categories
- Male Bands
- Bands with Women
- Female Bands

2) There will also be a count of how many men and how many women are represented in the total membership of all the bands on the list.

3) Former members may or may not be counted. If the song in the FRT has a former member, the make up of the band at that time counts here. If it is a current make up, then that is what is counted. In the overall count that will (hopefully) be finished by the time the next SXSW festival rolls around, the membership count will be determined by the break down on the iPod, but the constant members will not be counted twice.
- Example:
AC/DC - 1 Album, so only the 5 members on Back in Black count.
Third Eye Blind - 3 Albums, 4 members from Self-Titled and Blue, 1 added from Out of the Vein; Jenkins and the other two constant members will not be counted twice

Now, for this FRT:

Male Bands: 8
Bands with Women: 2
Female Bands: 0

Men: 34 (Blame Sha Na Na, with its 12 members)
Women: 2


MediaMaven said...

I might have been the one in the group bouncing along with you. I listened to that song a lot back in the day.

- Male Bands
- Bands with Women
- Female Bands

Are solo artists counted in here? I would organize my playlist differently, and not focus so much on the numbers of people in a band. The Killers would equal 1 on the "male band" scale, not 4. But I also have a lot of female solo artists in my collection, and counting individual songs vs. groups as a whole is also different, since I'm more likely to have multiple songs by one artist.

petpluto said...

The Killers would equal 1 on the "male band" scale, not 4.

Oh, they do. I need to work on my explanation, which is part of the reason for the friday random ten here! I'm trying things out, seeing how it works, seeing what doesn't work, seeing what does, seeing what is completely unclear, etc.

They equal "1" under the amount of Male Bands, and add "4" to the amount of Men in general.

Are solo artists counted in here?

Yeah, I just shove 'em under the header of "Band".

I would organize my playlist differently, and not focus so much on the numbers of people in a band.

One of the things I'm interested in is how women and men break down, in terms of mixed bands and the like. Like, in a band like Blondie, it counts in the "Band with Women" category. But Debbie Harry is the only woman, and there are 4 other men. That kind of break down, including what Debbie Harry does (sings) is also something that intrigues me. Where women fit into the bands they're in, what roles they typically play, is also something I'm down with exploring.