Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quote of the Day

And another thing is the werewolf character, he's supposed to be, like, sympathetic; you're supposed to relate with him. No. By two thirds of the way through the album, he's not sympathetic. He's just creepy. I mean, seriously. There's songs about watching this girl and saying, "Oh, I need to make you mine, I can't wait to get you into bed". You can only take that so much before you start to worry about E. Has E ever had a girlfriend? 

...I don't know if its supposed to be autobiographical or not, but that was just a little bit off-putting and I was disappointed across the board...

...All of these songs are about unrequited love, and when you hear 12 songs about unrequited love in a row, presumably all about the same woman, you realize why Eels had a song called "Restraining Order Blues". I can't get past that, Bill.
Mack Wilson, one of my new favorite people, obsessing about the new Eels album and its disturbing message, Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire on the latest Musicheads podcast.

I'm kind of glad Mack Wilson was there to bring this up - and thought to bring this up - because I often compulsively buy the music I don't immediately dislike that's featured on my music podcasts. Now I know to avoid Eels. Especially since "Restraining Order Blues" creeped me the hell out.


MediaMaven said...

As I'm reading this I'm thinking, "this must be about Michael Jackson."

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