Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quiz Time!

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Take your Brain For A Spin (Don't Cheat!)

1) How many presidents achieved the rank of general or higher?

A. 2                                                                C. 5
B. 3                                                                D. 7

2) Cindy McCain is heiress to a beer distributor best known for which product?

A. Budweiser                                                C. Miller
B. Coors                                                        D. Pabst Blue Ribbon

3) Which country has the cheapest gas in the world?

A. Iran                                                           C. The United States
B. Russia                                                       D. Venezuela

4) Out of every 10 people surveyed by, how many said the Internet is a critical source of information?

A. 3                                                                C. 8
B. 6                                                                D. 9

5) Which of the following contains the most calories?

A. Alcohol                                                      C. Protein
B. Carbohydrates                                           D. Fat

6) Approximately how many Americans live within one mile of an official Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site?

A. 500,000                                                    C. 5 million
B. 1 million                                                    D. 11 million

7) Between 1980 and 2006, how many weather-related disasters caused more than $1 billion in damage at the time of the event?

A. 9                                                                 C. 47
B. 15                                                               D. 70

8) Which was the first national park in the United States?

A. Grand Canyon                                          C. Yellowstone
B. Mount Rainier                                           D. Yosemite

9) Which is the top-grossing documentary ever?

A. Fahrenheit 9/11                                        C. Madonna: Truth or Dare
B. An Inconvenient Truth                             D. March of the Penguins

10) Franchise movies dominate the box office; the highest grossing films for each of the past 10 years have all been a part of one. Which series has the highest world-wide gross?

A. Harry Potter                                             C. The Lord of the Rings
B. Indiana Jones                                           D. Star Wars

Answers in comments section!


petpluto said...


1. B: George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, & Dwight Eisenhower.
2. A: Hensley & Co., one of the largest distributers of Anheuser-Busch, which owns Budweiser.
3. D: Venezuela
4. C: 8
5. D: Fat
6. D: 11 million
7. D: 70
8. C: Yellowstone
9: A: Fahrenheit 9/11, at $119,194,771 domestically
10. A: Harry Potter at $4.6 billion.

I got %50 right, and that makes me sad.

jjfs85 said...

1. B √
2. B X
3. A X
4. C √
5. D √
6. C X
7. C X
8. C √
9. D X
10. D X
Total: 4/10

I need to study more.

petpluto said...

Good idea, JJ, in actually putting up what answers you gave! I'll do that too:

1. B √
2. A √
3. D √
4. C √
5. A X
6. C X
7. B X
8. C √
9. D X
10. D X