Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm A Horrible Person

Am I a terrible person because I laughed at this? I kind of feel like I am. But temporary tattoos placed on unconscious people strike my funny bone hard.

That being said, I hope she wins her suit, simply because I'm totally aghast that any doctor would think it would be cool or fun to place a temporary tattoo under someone's panty line. That is all sorts of wrong, and it isn't something that I think would happen to a man in a similar situation. Maybe I'm wrong about that part of it, but the rose tattoo and the placement of the tattoo all seem designed to sexualize the patient and not cheer her up. On her shoulder, on her arm, those are safer places for a stealth temporary tattoo placement. It would definitely fall under the category of an odd thing to do, but still. And yeah, most people probably know that your doctor sees areas of your body normally categorized as "private", but I myself hope the doctor does so as clinically as possible and isn't stopping to investigate the area for marking of any sort. To highlight a patient's complete vulnerability in such a fashion seems cruel in a way; a sort of "You're unconscious the entire time, and I can do whatever I want to you without your consent or knowledge". A true God complex moment, in other words. To wake up with a tattoo in such a place would be unnerving. This patient does deserve something for that.

And reading the comments about it being "harmless" and that she's only in the suit for a payday make me feel like a worse person for laughing at this woman's situation. I don't know the gender of the people leaving such comments, but I'm simultaneously thrilled that they have never experienced the vertigo that comes when a person feels entirely vulnerable and powerless, and saddened that they do not have the capability to empathize or sympathize with someone who has experienced that.

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