Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ridiculousness in Bridal Mags

I have not been good at posting clips of my favorite people. I missed a whole bunch of Chris Hayes on Countdown (which I'll probably be posting later, because even though they're kind of outdated I still like 'em), I haven't been demonstrating my love for Jay Smooth quite as much as I would like, and to top it off, I totally missed Jessica Valenti's new 12 Second Musing. I feel less bad about that one, because she hasn't updated in a while, and I was getting bored of going and checking and not seeing anything new. But she did make a new one on February 9th, and so for your viewing pleasure:

There's no face here that reminds me of my favorite philosophy professor as there have been in the past; but I find her observation, especially near Valentine's Day, to deserve highlighting anyway. I'm nowhere near getting engaged or married, even as several feminists I follow are (and congrats!), and possibly as a consequence I'm pretty much wholly uninterested in the wedding hoopla. But this is still ridiculous.

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