Monday, February 9, 2009

I Have a New Love

It's Coldplay. And all because of this one interview:

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I generally find Coldplay's music boring - a fact that stunned and concerned my parents, since they find most of the music I like boring. Given that, I'm not really sure why we stayed for the interview; I imagine it had something to do with the fact that there was only about 15 minutes left in the hour, which left precious little time for something else, and my parents wanted to catch Andy Rooney, who wasn't on last night anyway. So we sat and watched, going into it vaguely cynically. With that being the case, it is surprising how fast I fell. I felt kind of like Renee Zellweger; they had me at "The other reason that we do well is because U2 are still on holiday." - "They come back in March." - "They're back in March, so as soon as they come back, we drop down the ladder a bit." Well, it was between that and the "If you see people's silhouettes in the exists, it means you're probably not playing the right song. 'Cause, a lot of people are going to get a hot dog or whatever". Absolutely freaking adorable.

So, I stole my sister's Viva La Vida CD (actually, I asked for it nicely and returned it promptly, but stole sounds better), loaded it on my iPod, and I'm going to give Coldplay another shot. All because Chris Martin and his band are so earnest and self-effacing and quirky.


John said...

They may be earnest and self-effacing and quirky, but that doesn't make their music great. Coldplay is right up there with The Postal Service in my "music that makes me fall asleep nigh-instantaneously" category.

petpluto said...

Hey, Postal Service is soooo much more energetic and up than Coldplay (but to be fair, that is damning them with faint praise)! I don't need those guys to be earnest and self-effacing and quirky to give their music more of my time!

MediaMaven said...

I saw that interview with my parents (my mom looooooooves Coldplay; she had "Clocks" as her ringtone for many years, and now wants to reinstate it but fears that it's "too old"), and we all loved the "shadows in the exits" line. I was really struck by how funny and charming Chris Martin is; I don't recall ever seeing him interviewed before. My one complaint with the interview was that Steve Kroft should have mentioned the band's activism; the one line wasn't enough to understand a large portion of why they're so beloved, why they dress like they do.

I'm not a big Coldplay fan but I did like their current album quite a bit more than I have their earlier stuff.

(And John, OF COURSE you're not going to like Coldplay, you only listen to music that's energetic and usually filled with a lot of horns! Coldplay is the complete opposite of that. As Chris Martin put it last night at the Grammys, he plays "limestone rock.")