Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month. I'm totally going to try and do it! I'm a little excited, but at the same time it may end up - what with my new and far away job - taking precious time away from ze blog. But I think this is something that will be cool and different. Plus, I'm totally thinking mass transiting it to work and back every day, thus saving wear and tear on my auto (my poor, poor old and slightly squeaky auto) while also freeing up about 2 hours of travel time in which to write and read and get worked up about stuff to blog about.

So, to recap: National Novel Writing Month. Get involved!


Jess said...

Do you know what you're writing about yet? I have yet to decide, so I'm already behind on my word count.

petpluto said...

No friggin' way, man. I've basically done nothing for it yet. I'm catching up on sleep and reading Newsweek and trying to think of an idea. It's starting off so well!