Thursday, November 20, 2008

"I... Will... Ask About That"

Habladora and I have become lax regarding our competition. Feministing beat us to the latest Sarah Haskins' video of hilarity again! How are we ever going to hold our obsessed heads high again? Oh well.

I have to say, the only car commercial of the pack that ever really hit me before as being incredibly, almost uncomfortably odd, is that one about having your car turn you on. I don't want to be turned on by my car. I just want it to do its vroom vroom thing (something my car, sadly, has not been doing consistently as of late). I will admit to liking the Volkswagen commercials featuring Brooke Shields though. 


John said...

Those commercials remind me of an old SNL commercial parody that advertised the Mazda Mistress: The first car you could have sex with. Perhaps the advertising companies were out of ideas and started running with that idea?

Habladora said...

I want to be on Sarah Haskin's team. Every time I see a commercial shamelessly and stereotypically going after 'the female market,' I find myself humming the Target Women 'do do do do' song. She will never run out of material... Sigh.