Friday, October 16, 2009

My Crush on Josh and Chuck Is Now Solidified

Josh and Chuck, of the Stuff You Should Know podcast (it can also be easily found on iTunes) and blog, are - in a word - awesome. Why, you ask? Well, because they did a podcast about microlending a few (or, possibly a dozen) podcasts ago. And what they've done now is this:
At the end of the show, we announced that we’ve set up a Kiva team, something we’re all really excited about. You can refer to our show on microlending to fill you in, but here’s the gist… Sign up with the Stuff You Should Know team at and lend an entrepreneur in a third world country (at least) $25 and feel good about yourself! It’s really that easy. You can track the status of your loan and when it’s fully satisfied you can get your money back if you want. Or if you don’t miss it you can roll it into another loan or donate it permanently to Kiva. Our mission is to surpass the lousy fans of The Colbert Report. We’ve publicly challenged them to a “Kiva-off” and sent e-mails to Mr. Colbert in hopes that he responds. We’ll keep you up to speed as things progress, but get on over there now and throw down $25 for the Stuff You Should Know team. It’s the right thing to do.
I want to kick some Colbert butt, and I - as the the post's catchy title says - have a bit of a crush on Josh and Chuck (and Ira Glass, and one of the guys from Buzz Out Loud, and Mac Wilson and David Safar and David Campbell from Musicheads, and... you get the picture). Anyway, both of these things means that I am joining, and I am lending (to a general store in the Philippines), and that I may periodically mention this on the blog. Because I can. And because the About Us states:
Arguably the finest assemblage of people who have never met dedicated to the common purpose of hastening global peace in $25 increments.

And who could ever resist hastening global peace?

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