Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"The Next Culture War"

Maybe it's just because I'm a stingy Yankee, but David Brooks' column "The Next Culture War" makes sense to me. Now, I don't have the enmity toward Brooks some other feminists have, mostly because I don't care about him and rarely read his column. I know he said some stupid things about feminists' dislike of then-governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin; but plenty of other people said stupid shit about feminists' dislike of Sarah Palin - and about Sarah Palin herself - so that's not the biggest news ever. A reason to not read him on gender issues, possibly.

What I love about this particular column is this paragraph:
It will have to take on what you might call the lobbyist ethos — the righteous conviction held by everybody from AARP to the agribusinesses that their groups are entitled to every possible appropriation, regardless of the larger public cost. It will have to take on the self-indulgent popular demand for low taxes and high spending.
There are other good ones. I just happen to like this one a lot. Mostly because commercial farm subsidies piss me off.


mikhailbakunin said...


Doesn't it feel weird to be on the same page as the Heritage Foundation?

petpluto said...

Ha! Politics sure does make strange bedfellows...

And yes. It feels so *very* weird.

MediaMaven said...

As an out-and-out David Brooks lover, I cannot understand why feminists don't like him.

I'm also pretty sure I said "Amen" when I finished reading his Tuesday column, too.