Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Sesame Street

For John:

This is my favorite Teeny Little Super Guy segment. I love Eugene, his little friend:
TEENY LITTLE SUPER GUY: First, you have to go to school and learn stuff like, ugh, 'What's the capital of South Dakota?'
EUGENE: It's Pierre.
TEENY LITTLE SUPER GUY: I thought it was Bismarck.
EUGENE: Nope. That's North Dakota.

Also, John's right. The stop animation is pretty cool.


John said...

"You went to school?"
"Then why didn't YOU know the capitol of South Dakota?"

and I still have no idea how they kept making TLSG's cup disappear into and out of things. Did they really have like 30 different cup segments and just switched them out every frame? It boggles the mind.

mikhailbakunin said...

I think an anthropomorphic cup is a lot scarier than the first day of kindergarten.

petpluto said...

You know, maybe it is just that I went to Catholic kindergarten; but anthropormorphic cups really don't frighten me all that much.

jjfs85 said...

I used to love these!