Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Kind of Love...

...This tampon commercial:

It is the height of awesomeness (h/t The Sexist)!

Also, this print ad:

I kind of feel compelled to buy Kotex products now. Power of advertising, huh?

Be sure to read the backstory of the ad, and how three networks rejected it when it contained the word "vagina". Yeah, I know. How crazy to discuss the "v" word when you're advertising tampons. I'd totes reject that ad too, because I can't see the connection.

On pretty much the same note, these ads remind me of this Clear Blue Pregnancy Test commercial:

I, however, don't want to buy this one. Advertising (in general) still isn't that good.

Both the Kotex ads and the Clear Blue ad eschew what normally find their ways into tampon and pregnancy test ads. They're interesting. They're fun. They're engaging in a way women twirling around in white really very rarely are. And the tampon one even takes on the weird blue liquid factor.

Stamp of approval!


John said...

I'll wager dollars to donuts that somebody in the advertising firm that created the Kotex ad has seen an episode or two of Target: Women.

petpluto said...

God, I hope so! Because that would mean that Target: Women has the power to CHANGE THE WORLD!!

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I love the phrase "dollars to donuts".