Saturday, November 21, 2009

Josh & Chuck (Well, Mostly Josh) Issue Stephen Colbert A Challenge

That's pretty much it, actually:

In case anyone doesn't know, Stuff You Should Know is one of my favorite podcasts. I also contribute to Josh and Chuck's Kiva team, because I don't know how to say no to organizations who want my money. Actually, I do. It's called "I made a 12 month list, 12 organizations get a month, and if you harass me about giving you more money during that 12 month period after I've explained the system, you're sitting out for at least a year while another equally worthy organization takes your spot". Josh and Chuck have a month, and they don't harass me for more money. Because they're unaware I exist. Which works out well for them as well as me, since that means whenever I get fed up with an organization (ACLU, I'm looking at you!), I tell them they've lost their month to the Stuff You Should Know Kiva team.

All of this is to say: Josh and Chuck bring the hilarity. And cue cards. And so I'm hoping many, many people help them reach $100,000 in loans. Also, I'm amazed at the 750,000 downloads a week stat, though not surprised by Chuck bringing it.

So, if you feel like joining in the weekly hilarity, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is on iTunes, and also here. Their blog is here. And their Kiva team is here. They're one of the brightest spots to my week.

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