Friday, April 3, 2009

"The Bullet Was This Guy"

I love Sarah Haskins!

My mother has a theory that Lifetime, far from being a channel for women, was actually developed to keep women scared and complacent. Don't step out of your house! You might attract tons of murderers like Heather Locklear! You might enter into a relationship with a guy who beats you! I don't know what Lifetime and their movies are like now, but back when I was a kid, every movie was like a horror film. I had a babysitter who liked Lifetime (and soap operas! And the Beatles before they became all drug-crazed and hippie-like.), and I don't think I ever saw one actually uplifting film. I saw women get beaten to death. I saw women go to jail for killing the guy who molested their children. I saw women get raped. And although I didn't see any victim-blaming moments and these sorts of goings-on should have more of a mainstream presence, the titillation factor was extremely high. It was like more sensationalistic episodes of Law & Order: SVU, except this was meant to be for women. In other words, good on Sarah Haskins for taking on Lifetime!

Plus, the Smesa Guy just reminded me of all love songs that are really just extraordinarily creepy, the kind that promote stalking as a healthy component in any relationship. The kind of songs that promote making movies like Management. Billed as a romantic comedy, it is just creepy. If any guy followed me across the country and then wouldn't leave me the hell alone, I would be terrified. I would also, and this is just a guess, never date him. What makes these movies so gross is that they set up only two guys as potential love interests, with the nonstalker being worse than the stalker - making the stalker seem like an acceptable choice. Because when your choices are 'bad' and 'worse', of course you would pick 'bad', instead of remaining celibate or joining a nunnery or moving to a different city without telling either of them and attempting to meet some new people.

And because I've been so remiss recently, here's some more Sarah Haskins, this one sans the rant:

Except to say that I'm weirdly disgusted how they kept describing the girls as "cute" and "petite".


mikhailbakunin said...

My mom calls Lifetime "Television for Victims."

petpluto said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your mom.