Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Soul Compromised

So, I went to check my e-mail, and something tickled my fancy. Namely, this headline:
Which obviously led me to ask myself, "Then what did he compromise his soul for?" And that, my friends, is the problem with a badly written headline. Or, in this case, as the direct quote is "I didn't compromise my soul to be a popular guy", a rather inarticulate president. But I would think that the person putting together the news items could have cleaned the grammar up a little bit for the president. Like, "President Bush says popularity not worth compromising his soul for". I came up with that in about 5 seconds. It is sad that the people being paid for this didn't. Although, I must admit that ill-advised headlines are something I love to read and ponder. What deemed worthy of compromising his soul for will be one of those things I wonder about throughout the day tomorrow.


John said...

The problem with "President Bush says popularity not worth compromising his soul for" is that it ends with a preposition. For shame!

If you enjoy ill-advised headlines, I recommend checking out "Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim" the next time you're in a book store (if you haven't already.)

petpluto said...

Hey, be nice! It took me five seconds to come up with that! Hmm... How about "President Bush says popularity not worth soul"?